About Prodigy Gold

Prodigy Gold NL (ASX: PRX) is a listed Australian company with a unique greenfields and brownfields exploration portfolio in the proven multimillion ounce Tanami Gold district. Along with 15 targets are permitted for drilling in 2021 the company is:

  • drilling targets on its Lake Mackay Gold and Hyperion Projects
  • prioritising systematic evaluation of high potential early stage targets
  • accelerating scoping study on the 10Mt @ 1.8g/t for 585koz Au Buccaneer Deposit
  • joint ventures to expedite discovery on other targets
  • reducing holding costs through targeted Joint Ventures and Project divestments

The company firmly believes that the Tanami, Lake Mackay and North Arunta are some of the final frontiers for gold and base metal discovery where further world-class deposits remain to be found. Prodigy Gold is actively exploring in areas with significant potential for discovery.

About Prodigy Gold

RC Rig at Lake Mackay Project – 2022


  • performance (strive to excel) through expressing energy and initiative, working as a team being accountable for all actions and always reaching for continuous improvement:
  • simplicity (keep it simple) through focusing on priorities, avoiding bureaucracy, communicating clearly and striving to being quickly understood;
  • leadership (show the way) through providing positive direction in a dynamic context, thinking strategically, being innovative and creative in a way that inspiring to others;
  • commercial focus (treat the Company as if they owned it) by being financially responsible, making ruthlessly objective decisions, staying fully informed, understanding the market and working always to create long term Shareholder value; and
  • integrity (always doing the right thing) through always acting with openness, honesty, authenticity and respect to the stakeholders including the global community. A company that expresses dignity through the dignity of its office bearers.


  • Comply with legislative and regulatory requirements for the environment.
  • Proactively develop and maintain management systems to measure and continually improve environmental performance.
  • Operate in a responsible manner to minimise impacts on the environment and prevent pollution.
  • Care for the environment and its heritage value.
  • Work closely with the community and governing bodies to ensure that a good approach is always followed relating to environmental protection.
  • Encourage employees to value the heritage and the environment in which we work.
  • Reduce waste, recycle and recognise the by-product of our consumables.
  • Maintain an open consultation process with regulators, the community and stakeholders.
  • Minimise workplace exposure to hazards, ecosystem disturbance or degradation.
  • Re-establish disturbed areas as sustainable ecosystems and community assets.
  • Facilitate the training of employees and contractors in relation to their roles and responsibilities to environmental management.
  • Periodically audit Prodigy Gold’s environmental systems and performance to further improve environmental outcomes.