Prodigy Gold NL acknowledges that it conducts mineral exploration and mining on land owned by Traditional Owners and that Prodigy Gold’s access to this land is guided through processes with the Central Land Council. Prodigy Gold is committed to a close working relationship with the Central Land Council, the communities and the Traditional Owners and is committed to offer employment opportunities to people in local communities and the promotion of knowledge, understanding and respect for Indigenous Australians Traditions and Culture.

Prodigy Gold is committed to responsible exploration, development, operations and closure and is focused on conducting its business in harmony with stakeholders’ and the wider community’s desire to conserve and protect the natural environment and community interests.

To deliver on Prodigy Gold’s commitment to stakeholders and the environment, Prodigy Gold will:

  • Comply with legislative and regulatory requirements for the environment.
  • Proactively develop and maintain management systems to measure and continually improve environmental performance.
  • Operate in a responsible manner to minimise impacts on the environment and prevent pollution.
  • Care for the environment and its heritage value.
  • Work closely with the community and governing bodies to ensure that a good approach is always followed relating to environmental protection.
  • Encourage employees to value the heritage and the environment in which we work.
  • Reduce waste, recycle and recognise the by-product of our consumables.
  • Maintain an open consultation process with regulators, the community and stakeholders.
  • Minimise workplace exposure to hazards, ecosystem disturbance or degradation.
  • Re-establish disturbed areas as sustainable ecosystems and community assets.
  • Facilitate the training of employees and contractors in relation to their roles and responsibilities to environmental management.
  • Periodically audit Prodigy Gold’s environmental systems and performance to further improve environmental outcomes.

Environmental Management

The environmental management plans below are the plans approved by the Department of the Environment (Commonwealth Government) and provide a framework for managing threatened species (i.e. greater bilby) located in the environment surrounding the Twin Bonanza Gold Project. The management plans detail the mitigation and management techniques to minimise the impact of the project on threatened species and associated vegetation communities.

Environmental Management Plans