Old Pirate Project


The Old Pirate project is currently part of a sales agreement with Stockton Mining. The project, which includes the previously reported Bluebush and Bonanza project areas, excludes the Prodigy owned Buccaneer Mineral Resource and surrounding Mineral Lease.

The agreement for the Old Pirate project includes 23 surrounding exploration tenements as well as part of the Mineral License that includes the Old Pirate mine and infrastructure. Several conditions need to be satisfied before the agreement is finalized, these include Stockton Mining gaining relevant approvals, including ASX listing approvals and then completing an IPO no later than 31 December 2022 (ASX: 29 April 2022)

Prodigy Gold will retain its interest in the Buccaneer Project while it continues its scoping study. Stockton will also work with Prodigy to allow access to camp, offices and workshops at the project.

Further updates on this project will be provided as Stockton Mining advance their approvals and finalizes their conditions to complete the agreement.