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The Tanami Regional Project area is situated in the far west central region of the Northern Territory.  The area lies from some 300km west of Tennant Creek across to the Western Australian border. The two main areas of focus within the Tanami Regional Project area are the Tanami South sub-project and the Euro Project.

The South Tanami sub-project is located approximately 90km south-east of the Twin Bonanza area and 20km west of the currently operating world-class Callie Gold Mine. The project area is about 32km by 43km. Principle areas of interest within the project area include the Mallie and Officer Hill prospects. Mallie is located in the northern portion of the project area and is defined by a low level surface geochemistry anomaly. The prospect has a very similar geophysical signature and structural regime to the nearby Callie deposit. Numerous other prospective soil anomalies have been defined in the vicinity. The Officer Hill prospect is a 2km long geochemical anomaly with gold anomalism along several lines of surface sampling & shallow drilling.

The Euro Project area is approximately 110km east of the Twin Bonanza Project area, and is within 50km of the Callie, Granites and Oberon Deposits. The project area covers approximately 2500km2. The Euro zone is relatively under- explored and holds significant potential for future exploration work. The Dune Prospect, within the Euro Project area, has a similar geophysical signature to the Oberon deposit that lies 3km to the north.